Mothers took children to a mosque and live-streamed their hateful tirade

A white mom and her friend who used Facebook live to tape their racist tirade against Muslims and record their robbery against a Mosque, were arrestedon Thursday after the video went viral, reports CNN.

Tahnee Gonzales and Elizabeth Dauenhauer have been charged with third degree burglary, a felony, police said. The two women – with two underaged children – were seen screaming hate-filled obscenities against Muslims in a Facebook Live video. The video also shows the women brazenly entering a Mosque and encouraging her kids to steal items along with them.

“Based on the details of the crime, an enhancement of hate crime will be considered for sentencing,” Tempe Police spokeswoman Lily Duran told CNN in a statement. “Pamphlets and literature from the mosque were stolen.”

Gonzales and Dauenhauer entered the Islamic Community Center and pointed out flyers on the wall to their children to expose “Sharia law in America” and “the illegal invasion of Muslims.”

The women call themselves “patriots” and “infidels, who are exposing “the infiltration of the Arabic Muslims coming in and destroying America.”

Mosque Members are Now Fearful

Imam Ahmad Al-Akoum, the interfaith and outreach director for the Islamic Community Center, says members are now fearful after seeing the hateful Facebook footage.

“Some of our members are scared and very disturbed and disgusted with the situation. As for myself I am very saddened that those women are dragging their young innocent children into this and teaching them to hate,” he said. “Those children are being given false information. I am so sad for them.”

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, which has seen a surge in extremist activity said he finds the footage disturbing as well.

“It’s bad enough that these individuals felt emboldened to go to this mosque and threaten the security of those peacefully practicing their religion,” Greenblatt says. “But to involve young children and to indoctrinate them with their hate is abhorrent. The video, he says, is “extremely disturbing and ugly on so many levels.”

According to reports both women were members of a group called Patriot Movement AZ, or PMAZ, but the group claims it distanced itself from the duo because of their bad behavior.

An Increase in Hate Banners

According to the New York Times, the Anti Defamation League released a scathing report about the surge in banners which promote the hate -filled agenda of white supremacy groups and hang from rooftops, highway overpasses and have even appeared on college campuses for all to see.

“While white supremacists have been using banners for some time, the number of banners deployed in the last 10 months marks an unprecedented trend, the report states. “Well-placed banners – like the white supremacist fliers appearing on college campuses nationwide — can garner widespread attention with very little actual effort involved.”

The hoods are off and hate groups are becoming more bold and unapologetic in their extremist approach. The ADL also cautioned that hate groups are also using another tactic – they are dropping pamphlets and fliers on the doorsteps of inclusive minority communities.

Recently in Atlanta, the neo-nazi groups Patriot Front, tried to spread fear by leaving offensive flyers inside of plastic bags all around one of Atlanta’s most progressive neighborhoods known for its diversity.

“This was done in the middle of the night. On the porch, I heard a noise. Next morning, it was there,” neighbor Travis Glahn said. “It’s pretty offensive.”

California, Georgia and Texas are the hardest hit areas, according to the ADL because extremist banners have active chapters in those states.

The messages on the banners range, the ADL reports with racist or anti-immigration tropes like: “America First: End Immigration” while another banners read: “Diversity is code word for white genocide.”

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